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1. What’s the name of your band?
Boom Carnival (The International Band)

2. When and why was Boom Carnival founded? Who are the founders?
Boom Mas was founded in 2014 by a group of DJs called The Boom Champions. Before
the birth of Boom Mas, The Boom Champions were hired year to year by other mas bands to supply music on their trucks during the Labor Day Parade. However these other mas bands were being ran by older generations of band leaders who’s perspective of carnival began to be considered old and outdated by many. Therefore, the passionate love for the culture and history of carnival inspired The Boom Champions to start their own band, Boom Mas, whose mas camp and showroom is now located on 358 Legion St, Brooklyn, NY 11212.

3. What are the nationalities of the founders?
The Boom Carnival band leaders possess backgrounds from several islands in the Caribbean like Trinidad, St Lucia, St Vincent, Grenada, and Haiti, just to name a few. Nonetheless, Boom Mas opens its doors to nationalities worldwide, which is why it is considered ‘The International Band’.

4.What is this year’s presentation called, and why?
This year’s presentation for Labor Day 2018 is called “Erotica”. We will be expressing our various, innate sexual natures while displaying a colorful, sumptuous, and sensual explosion parading through the erotic pathways of the mind.

5. How many sections are in the presentation? What are they?
There are 5 sections in the band this year. They are Allure, Alter Ego, Feline Fantasy, Nympho and Sweet Seduction.

Allure introduces the mystery, attraction and seduction through smell, touch and vision. With all senses highly alerted and aroused, allure pulls you in and draws you out.

Alter Ego, meaning not demure nor shy, represents our sometimes repressed sexual side bursting forth and our wanton, explicit hidden nature with the unwanted sexual beast always ready for erotic fun.

Feline Fantasy, sometimes a prissy puss but more often a seering lust tigress. Her wild, wicked ways will make you purr and then roar. Watching her move in her distinctly feline way strokes the erotic flame within. Her gaze ignites lust and she is the best cat queen of carnival.

Nympho, a lusty fairy princess focused strictly on carnival pleasure. She is a vision of illicit glory, always up for whatever wayward fantasy you might imagine, leaving you weak but always satisfied.

Sweet Seduction, some like it covert and others like it over. How do you like yours? Soft or hard? Slow or fast? Hot or cool? Seduction can happen in many ways and in any place. But take note.... It should always be sweet.

6. How many masqueraders does Boom Carnival accommodate?
Boom Carnival, since their first year, has always competed in the large band category, with an
average of 1,000 masqueraders, and has been growing year by year.

7. How has Boom Carnival placed in the competition aspect of the Labor Day Parade?
Out of the 4 years since its founding, Boom Mas has placed 3rd in the Large Adult Band Category 3 times in 2014, 2016, and 2017.

8. What can masqueraders expect from the Boom Carnival experience?
Boom Carnival is an All Inclusive Premium Mas Band who strides in providing the best road experience one can get in the NY West Indian Day Parade, with unlimited drinks and nonstop vibes.

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Connect With Us Office: (929) 344-1220 Cell: (347) 762-1515 358 Legion St, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Entrance On Riverdale Avenue.

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