FAQs About the Carnival Experience

1. What is a mas camp and where is yours located?

Each carnival band has its own mas camp. This is where all the costumes are up for display and, in addition to online registration, where prospective masqueraders can sign up and submit payments for their selected costume. Boom Carnival mas camp is located at 358 Legion St Brooklyn, NY 11212 (Entrance on Riverdale Avenue).

2. What are the mas camp hours?

Monday-Friday 5pm-9pm

Saturday-Sunday 3pm-8pm

3. How do I join?

You can visit the boomCarnival.com website or come down to the mas camp. Browse all your options and select your favorite. Then, submit your required $100 deposit (plus $5 processing fee if submitting online). From there you can make gradual payments, as long as your balance is paid off by two weeks before Labor Day. And you’re set!

4. What does my registration fee cover?

Your registration fee is a down payment on your costume and is subtracted from the total cost. It guarantees your spot in the band and/or section.

5. What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment can be made in the form of cash or credit/debit card.

6. I don’t live in New York. Can I still register? What if I’m not able to pick up my costume?

Of course. Online registration is the prime option for all out of towners and upon costume pick-up, you can authorize someone to pick up on your behalf.

7. When is costume distribution?

Costume distribution is scheduled a week prior to the parade. Each section will be notified of their scheduled day for pick-up via email and/or phone.

8. What can I expect from joining Boom Carnival?

  • Remarkable costumes created by New York's finest designers.
  • Complementary food and unlimited drinks on the road
  • Live photography and videography throughout the parade
  • Entourage of security guards providing top protection of masqueraders
  • Customized Boom Carnival knapsack, filled with Boom Mas goodies
  • Unlimited vibes with music provided by the hottest Caribbean Djs
  • The BEST Carnival Road Experience

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